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i have become emotionally attached to joseph kavinsky and it's a real problem

The Raven Cycle + Name Meanings


Url Graphic; ggansey

Everything about him suggested valor and power and a firm handshake” 


what do you know about welsh kings? - an adam parrish mix.

"Where do you live?" 
Adam’s mouth was very set. “A place made for leaving” 
"That’s not really an answer." 
"It’s not really a place." 


• S U B S T A N C E  P A R T Y    [not for the faint hearted]

"There was nothing that was not despicable about Joseph Kavinsky."  

cred/insp. x

     PART I 

/ WOOHOO - CHRISTINA AGUILERA FT. NICKI MINAJ \ leave you far behind - lunatic calm / COMBAT DRUGS - HEALTH \ black skinhead - kanye west / WHATEVER - BUTTHOLE SURFERS \ opetus - kuju / LOLLIPOP - FRAMING HANLEY \ slippery slope vitalic remix - the dø \ DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT - THE GLITCH MOB / boom clap astr remix - charli xcx \


/ BLIZZARD - KAVINSKY \ g.u.y - lady gaga / OF THE NIGHT FIX8 REMIX - BASTILLE \ never wanted to dance - mindless self indulgence / DU HAST - RAMMSTEIN \ feel good hit of the summer - quotsa / TALK SHOW HOST - RADIOHEAD \ sunspots - nin / KUULUU - JUJU \ bravado - lorde / A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES - LINKIN PARK \

au where the gender pronoun in the prophecy is of importance so gansey uses his glendower wish to be changed into a female so they can be together forever


now that i like to see

@mstiefvater: Coming October 28, 2014 — book 3 of 4!


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Oh Gansey….you know not what you say

the raven cycle


what do you know about welsh kings? - a ronan lynch mix. 

“He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer.” 

their magic.
their quest.
their awfulness and strangeness.
h e r   r a v e n   b o y s   .


Noah Czerny fancast:


the scorpio races as a tv series  f a n c a s t

chloë grace moretz as puck connolly….toby regbo as sean kendrick

chandler riggs as finn connolly…..romola garai as dory maud

clémence poésy as peg gratton…..colin morgan as tommy falk

seth numrich as gabe connolly……jack o’connell as mutt malvern

ethan hawke as george holly….jeremy irons as benjamin malvern

and peter capaldi as father mooneyham


Diomedes and Odysseus playing video games would be hilarious because Diomedes would get way too into it and Odysseus would fuck shit up just to annoy him


so i’ve been going through the dream pack headcanon posts i could find (they’re all on thedreampack, if the post is not reblogged there i didn’t see it sorry!) and this is what i have this far - any additions, headcanons i’ve missed, headcanons i’ve gotten wrong, just anything, please add, cause i would love to have something to base these people on that most of us agree on cause it’s hard when there’s nothing in canon (except a little on proko, and kavinsky of course)

also car colors please and thank you


  • white misubishi evo
  • 2nd generation bulgarian
  • pansexual cis boy
  • father is potentially dead (mobster still in jersey?), mother sleeps a lot, is always drugged
  • creates drugs for the market in henrietta


  • vw golf (like swan)
  • 2nd generation ukrainian
  • genderfluid
  • orphan
  • has a thing for skov, but also sort of for swan (for comfort) and also of course k
  • in a coma after k’s death (but won’t wake up unless, y’know, ronan shares)

jiang (ace of hearts)

  • toyota supra
  • chinese
  • asexual panromantic cis boy 
  • parents argue a lot
  • they want jiang to be more like his older siblings
  • has a younger brother he basically raised himself and two older siblings (twins) at college
  • obnoxious
  • definitely the wildest and most violent
  • the tallest?
  • loves to flirt and new people
  • worries about the other members especially swan
  • loves to make swan laugh so does stupid shit
  • really wants kavinsky to pay special attention to him
  • the most broken up about k’s death


  • vw golf (like proko)
  • finnish descent
  • pansexual cis boy
  • dead mother (died giving birth to him), father is gone on business a lot (diplomat?)
  • daddy blames him for killing his mother, can’t stand to look at him
  • really just wants his father to notice him
  • lives in his father’s house with skov
  • looks super innocent
  • adorable like noah, messed up like adam
  • archer
  • very smart - good at tech stuff, speaks seven different languages (english, french, dutch, russian, finnish, ?, ?)
  • worries a lot, feels lonely a lot, generally more melancholic
  • skov calls him bird pet names (ugly duckling, baby bird)
  • also has a thing for proko


  • mazda rx-7
  • danish
  • pansexual trans boy (pretty much into anyone ever)
  • parents think his transgender is just to annoy them, so he never goes home even though they have not officially kicked him out
  • has a perfect older sister
  • from blue’s school
  • lives with swan (got his own room, but shares bed with swan more often than not)
  • intrepid reckless jerk (defence mechanism?) but also very self conscious
  • the youngest (baby boy - the first time jiang called him this skov punched him)

I THINK I'M COMING DOWN WITH SOMETHING TOO! no car crash dreams though. and he has the ears for proko, he might go in my official cast (please update me on headcanons when you get home yesplease)


idk kat I thought it’d be nice to share with the dream pack fandom. everything started with Cody Saintgnue and this picture of him, and me saying that he’s got the right face for proko because he looks like he’s just snorted five lines of coke in a go and then smoked some weed to keep his shit together

+ there was a cat in the picture, how could I ignore the majestic creature so now

now it’s time for some Proko & Bullet headcanons 

  • Bullet can’t meow he only purrs real loud at Proko and Jiang,
  • Because those two found Bullet under Swan’s Golf when he was only a kitten
  • So the little thing imprinted on Proko
  • Jiang just feeds him when no one’s noticing so Bullet’s just using the idiot (smart cat)
  • He hisses like a mofo at Swan and Kavinsky for no reason
  • The little bastard totally ignores Skov
  • Bullet’s a jealous proud cat
  • He will defend Proko at any cost and when Kavinsky sleeps at Proko’s place he wakes up with scratches on his torso and arms
  • And Bullet purring in the middle of the bed between him and Proko
  • With his ass pointed towards K’s face
  • Because Bullet’s that awesome
  • [no need to say K’s done with Bullet’s shit right]
  • When Proko leaves for more than one day Bullet waits and sleeps in Proko’s driveway till he returns and there’s no fucking way to convince the cat to go inside, not even for food.
  • Proko likes to play videogames with Bullet sitting on his lap
  • And he’s taught Bullet to paw bump

sad bonus: 

  • When they first found the cat, Proko and Swan went to “do shopping” for the pet and Swan stole a little mouse toy and some other shit from the shop
  • So when Proko’s at home and sad - which is usually K’s fault - he has the habit of playing with Bullet, throwing the mouse toy at him and waiting for Bullet to give it back
  • Skov tried to tell Proko Bullet is not a goddam dog
  • Proko was taking none of his shit

really really sad bonus:

  • just think how miserable is Bullet’s life now that Proko is technically dead/forever sleeping