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ok ok so far the pynchinsky mix consists of

  • two men in love by the irrepressibles
  • i’ll be good by jaymes young (???)

also let me know if u want tagging in this shitshow :)))

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"If its one thing I learned from Amy, is that hiding those feelings is a very, very hard thing to do. Eventually the truth slips out. But if you’re able to hold it in, it might also just start to slowly eat away at you. I think the best thing, in the end, is to communicate those feelings. Yes, there is the risk of losing that person, but I also think if you are prepared for those feelings to not be reciprocated, it will be easier to salvage the relationship. Because then you are prepared for the worst and you can start figuring out how to maintain the friendship after the feelings are out in the open. I think people have the notion sometimes that if they confess their love, maybe that other person will feel the same way. But sadly, that’s not always the case. I think honestly is the best policy in this situation, and also being ready to get your feelings hurt. If you are prepared for that, the only way left after that is up."

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so im gonna be making a pynchinsky mix next thanks to rudysteirners

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things i need from faking it

  • liam and amy friendship like wow
  • lauren and theo (HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!! SO CUTE!!!!)
  • reagan and amy kissing yo
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ok I don't wanna make you sad, but that's a lie. Have you heard "Two Men In Love" by The Irrepressibles? It's for now one of my ultimate songs for pynchinsky


(song here)

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ronanlunch said: i haven’t but it sounds hot i’m excited

i just reblogged it it’s two guys and a girl but the principle’s still the same (also it’s all in spanish)

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ronanlunch said: pynchinsky is so real. you should write a ficlet, i know you excel at morning cuddles. think about it. PYNCHINSKY MORNING CUDDLES

shit no like kavinsky never usually stays u know he’s got a reputation to keep but this time he’s too tired to leave so he falls asleep squished in between adam and ronan and then he wakes up in the morning and adam’s curled into his chest and ronan’s being all monkey like clinging to his back and he’s warm and snuggly and he really doesn’t want to move

so he ends up going back to sleep and wakes up to kisses from adam and ronan b y e

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ronanlunch said: adam agreeing to go on movie date with both of them and ronan is on his right and kavinsky is on his left and they don’t realise the other is there until both lean over to kiss him at the same time and he’s like yes we’re dating now this is happening

no but no but have u seen the threeway kiss in el sexo de los angeles????

like that they do that

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ronanlunch said: ”but at least one of those is unlikely” ugh, i know, pynch is never going to happen

pshh who needs actual canon for things to be canon tho

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nothing strengthens the bonds of internet friendship like being emotionally traumatised by the same thing and keyboarding-mashing at each other about it (◡‿◡✿)

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pledgeallegiancetothestruggle said: Same dude… I’m just leery that next book is either going to be way to crammed or way too anticlimactic

i feel like maybe it should have been a trilogy but at the same time 4 books worth of these characters isn’t enough idk

as long as it concludes the series well enough i think i’ll be mostly happy

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IN THE WOODS SOMEWHERE | some mountain-top chamber music fitting the gloomy mood that comes as the days get darker

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Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.

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now that BLLB is out can we talk about the fact that ronan and adam were totally making out at the barns? thank you.

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